1. Getting Started with Ionic 3


  • Angular 4, Ionic 3, and TypeScript


Angular and Ionic myths

Mapping Ionic 1 to Ionic 3

Controllers match components

Filters match pipes

Services match providers

TypeScript comes to the rescue


  • Installation and setup
  • Directory structure and modularity


  • Theming up SASS



  • Automatically creating icons and splash screen resources


Image sizes and specifications

Platform Specific resources


  • Adding Crosswalk browser
  • Ionic CLI tasks


Local development with Ionic serve

Adding platforms

Running application on devices

Uploading and sharing Ionic application

Ionic upload

Generating components

Ionic Share


  1. Ionic Components
  • Building v Planet Commerce
  • Ionic components



Loading and Toast

Tabs versus Segments


Cards and Badges


  • Ionic APIs and custom modules


Complex Grids

Custom pipes

Navigation and view lifecycle

Navigating from overlay components

Lifecycle events and Nav Guards

Internationalization and localization

ItemSliding and pull-to-refresh

Virtual scroll and Infinite scroll

Ionic rating


  • Lazy Loading with Ionic 3



  1. Ionic Native and plugins


  • Cordova and how plugins work


What is Cordova?

Building and using Cordova plugins

Plugin specifications


JS Interface

Native platform interface


  • Ionic Native


Installing Ionic Native

Testing plugins in browsers


  • Commonly used Cordova plugins


Device Plugin

Splash Screen Plugin

Whitelist plugin

Network whitelisting

Navigation whitelisting

Intent whitelisting


Camera Plugin

Geolocation plugin

Social sharing plugin

Call Number

Text to Speech


Google analytics

Ionic Deeplinks

Facebook connect

Building a music player

Media, streaming, and transfer plugin


  • Cordova versus phone gap



  1. Ionic Platform and Services


  • Ionic Cloud


Installing Ionic Cloud


  • Ionic Auth
  • Ionic DB


Authentication and permissions


  • Ionic push
  • Ionic deploy
  • Ionic package
  • Ionic View, Creator, and Playground


Ionic View

Ionic creator and playground


  1. Authentication, Authorization, and Security


  • Authentication



Proxy server for the Ionic app



  • Securing the Ionic application



Enabling SSL

Sensitive data outside the app

Secure storage

General security points


  • Demonstrating authorization in Ionic



  1. TasteBite App with Firebase


  • Introduction to Firebase and TasteBite apps


Building TasteBite and installing Firebase


  • Authentication and security using Firebase


Enabling providers

User auth state


  • CRUD and securing data with AngularFire2


CRUD operations


  1. Ionic, IOT, and Beacons


  • Ionic and IOT


Ionic + Node = deadly combination


  • BLE, beaconsm, and the physical Web



Eddystone and the physical Web


  • Proximity-based screen lock using BLE



  1. Ionic + PWA = Magic


  • What and why PWA?





  • Ionic supports PWA


What makes a web application a PWA?

PWA with Ionic

Web Manifest

Service Workers


  • Offline currency converter PWA
  • The future of PWAs


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    Notes and study material for examples covered.
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